Thursday, December 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home with lyrics

Home Sweet Home. It is so magnificent to have a place to go to when you are weary and weighed down with loads of tasks at work. A place where you see smiles, a place where you hear laughter, you perceive joy sparkles and there are tears that you can wipe off… you are the King because you have your own rules set up and of course you possess absolute liberty and sovereignty when you are at your own dwelling.

…but if you feel uneasy at your own territory.. and you turn out to be a total stranger at your very own kingdom … the freedom you are supposed to seize and the liberty you should enjoy are taken away from you….you need to sustain yourself from doing things that you normally do…intruders start to take over your position and priority…blocking all the autonomy… where else can you go to feel belonged again…??

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